Our motto is to only deliver fresh and tasty burgers all individually handcrafted for you! 

At Burg

We pride
ourselves in
fresh produce. 

Only the finest cuts of meat are used for all our burgers. Nothing is frozen. We never compromise on quality or quantity. 



Our motto is to only deliver fresh and tasty burgers all individually handcrafted for you!

Burg Delivery

Our mission

To deliver piping hot delicious burgers and high quality milkshakes to most areas of Nottingham. Aiming to deliver your order within 50 minutes, on busy nights this time could change according to the number of orders we have in our kitchens, but rest assured you will still receive the best burger and milkshake you’ve ever tasted!

Burg Aberdeen Angus

Where does our Angus Beef come from? 

Known as The Aberdeen Angus, sometimes simply Angus, it is a Scottish breed of small beef cattle. It derives from cattle native to the counties of Aberdeenshire and Angus in north-eastern Scotland


The Perfect Smash at Burg.

Smashing is an actual culinary technique that’s been beautifully perfected by the owners here at Burg. When grilling our burgers, the chefs smash hand-packed balls of fresh (never frozen) beef onto a piping hot, buttered, pre-seasoned grill, cooking the meat with the perfect char and taste!

Burg Buttermilk Chicken

Carefully dipped and marinated overnight in our homemade buttermilk recipe is the secret to our ever so delicious chicken burgers. Served tender and crispy exactly how they should be.

Burg Milkshakes

Delicious milkshakes are a key element to all our burgers. We use the latest quality machinery and ingredients to create that magical milkshake for you. All milkshakes are blended using whipped soft serve ice cream. 


All our fries are cooked properly in  non-hydrogenated vegetable oil. Super crisp and 100% real potato fries. 

Burg Online

ordering directly from our website

We highly recommend ordering from our website www.burgburgers.co.uk for the most updated offers and special promotions. 

Download our app today and prepare yourselves for our huge weekly giveaways!

Free burgers and milkshakes will be shared to all new and regular customers via our website and app! 

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